ResourceVerified is a patent pending technology platform designed to enable AML compliance with an effective and efficient process. ResourceVerified is listed in the FINRA Compliance vendor directory. Whilst we are focused on compliance in Financial Services, ResourceVerified is simultaneously disrupting the current opaque, manual, repetitive and costly process of applicant and employee verification. Our automated solution radically reduces employer costs and instances of mis–hires.  Our system replaces thousands of offices, individually and repeatedly verifying the same information while countering millions of bytes of misinformation.  ResourceVerified replaces current, archaic process with a single verified record.


Our mission is to create leading edge, state–of–the–art, innovative technology solutions for Financial Services and Beyond. Our ethos is based on creating speed, transparency, and trust for our clients, enabling them to focus on their core business and envision beyond the status quo.


Re–invent how people access, reuse, verify and share information and replace it with a hash.

ResourceVerified is a technology platform that addresses the current expensive, repetitive and error prone process of AML with an automated, streamlined and verified source of data. 

ResourceVerified clients can access all relevant AML data with a single click; verified from a centralized source. AML data is saved in a secure ledger, eliminating the need to gather and check information repeatedly.  Further all reports and checks are date stamped and provide a comprehensive view of the entire organization’s due-diligence status in a color coded dashboard.

ResourceVerified Inc. is listed in the FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory.

Improved Regulatory Control and Compliance

Firms can allow external parties (e.g. regulators) controlled and authorized access to the data or the dashboard if required. Increased transparency provides efficient monitoring and controls for third-party audits, or inquiries.

Operational Efficiencies and Cost Savings

Reduces the risk of error arising from the manually checking the same information from multiple systems that is prevalent in every financial institution. Creating a transparent automated and streamlined process removes any doubt or confusion and ultimately reduces risk.

Reduced Operational Risk

Eliminates the need to go to several disparate sources to collect information manually and repetitively. All information is made available via a single click in one dashboard. Further historical data (employment and education) is verified and stored in a ledger eliminating the need for repetitive verification. Improved efficiency also makes it a cost -effective process.

Digital and Transparent Process

Optimizes the process with up-to-date, accurate and meaningful data whilst transforming a manual, error prone, time-consuming process to an efficient and transparent and digital process.



ResourceVerified can enable AML compliance  with an efficient, effective

and transparent process.




The rise of fraud and fake credentials in the work space has given birth to a $1B business of fake degrees

Our Story

Our Goal


Our story, like that of many other start-ups began as a conversation over a casual lunch  when we realized how many events in life require prior verification to reduce hiring and partnership risks. However, background records can be erased and changed and current available resources are self-reported with lack of accuracy, and sometimes provide false background statements

Our goal is to create a world class verification resource that will enhance the quality of employee data, reduce hiring and partnerships risks for companies, and will protect company`s reputation by a simple verification process that creates a permanent record, and a new benchmark for background accuracy and an ethical organizational culture 

We use a  combination of technologies and have created an innovative platform and workflow process with a focus on asset protection and resource efficiency in human capital, risk and compliance thereby creating significant economic value and efficiencies for any employer.





Financial Tech


Government Tech



The standard method for checking credentials is anachronistic – a process of verification of data that has little  transparency and relies on manual labor quite often performed from call centers located overseas; with the same data checked in a repetitive fashion ultimately incurring significant costs.  Furthermore, these manual checks are performed at the tail end of the hiring process after several hundred-man hours have already been spent. 

ResourceVerified is a technology based  SAAS solution created to address the glaring issue of applicant and employee verification.  We verify achievements as they happen, directly and transparently from the source and lock the data in a tamper-proof platform.

ResourceVerified recognizes that trust has become an institutional capability. We built ResourceVerified  to transform the current opaque, manual, repetitive and costly process of applicant and employee verification. We establish trust through transparency and accountability.


ResourceVerified replaces thousands of offices, individually and repeatedly verifying the same information while countering millions of bytes of misinformation.  Our automated, solution radically reduces employer costs and instances of mis-hires.

ResourceVerified will replace the current archaic process with a single verified record.

ResourceVerified is disrupting the status-quo by creating transparency in a hitherto opaque process and making the verified record tamper-proof.

At a mechanical level we are preventing the falsification of qualifications, eliminating redundancies, and creating efficiencies for employers. At the macro level, we’re attacking corruption directly to create equal opportunity for everyone in the workforce.



Proudly a Woman and Minority Owned Business

Walter Raquet


​Walter Raquet is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist.  Walter has founded and exited from numerous profitable ventures.  His most notable one being Knight Capital Group, where he expanded the firm from a $17million market cap to $8billion market cap and earnings over $300 million in just five years.  Walter has a CPA and was educated at New York University.

Jaspreet Randhawa

Founder & CEO

​Jaspreet Randhawa has more than 20 years of experience in financial services technology.  Jaspreet is a technology entrepreneur and a disruptor of the status quo with extensive experience leveraging different technologies to

create faster and more reliable solutions.  Jaspreet has a MBA and was educated in Durham Business School in UK and Harvard Business School in the US.

Robert Turner


​Rob Turner has more than 25 years of executive level financial management expertise in the financial services industry.  As the CFO of three innovative publicly traded broker dealers trading in equities, fixed income and options and futures, Rob is well versed in the intricacies of working in a high-pressure entrepreneurial environment.  Rob has a CPA and MBA and was educated at University of Massachusetts in Amherst.


Eugene F. Soltes

Jakurski Family Associate Professor of Business Administration

Harvard Business School

Eugene Soltes is the Jakurski Family Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School where his research focuses on corporate misconduct and fraud, and how organizations design cultures and compliance systems to confront these challenges. He teaches in several of the school’s executive education programs and was the recipient of the Charles M. Williams Award for outstanding teaching.​​

Professor Soltes’ work on corporate misconduct and fraud culminated in the book Why They Do It: Inside the Mind of the White-Collar Criminal, which was described by Kirkus Reviews as “a groundbreaking study” on white-collar criminality. The book explores why often wealthy and successful executives engage in deception.

Prior to joining the faculty of the Harvard Business School, Professor Soltes received his PhD and MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and his AM in statistics and AB in economics from Harvard University.


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